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About Us

Real powdered broth

Authentic Recipes without the Prep Work.

Poco Kitchen is a new quick-meal brand offering international dishes with non-GMO, organic, and 100% real food ingredients. Our Pork and Ginger Ramen, Ancient Grains, and Thai Peanut Sauté are authentic recipes without the prep work at an affordable price. Zero preservatives, zero additives, and zero compromises.

Real Food. Ready in 10 Minutes.

Fast, casual restaurants are booming on campuses and in neighborhoods with young professionals as they deliver great food at good prices. We have matched this quality and convenience at half the price with premium, shelf-stable, 10-minute meals. Our chef-crafted recipes are truly authentic, down to the last ingredient, and use simple, age-old techniques that maximize flavor and nutrient content. Our philosophy is simple, we use 100% real food ingredients for quick meals that are traditionally nourishing.

  • Spices
  • Aromatics
  • Vegetables picked at peak-ripeness
  • Real broth that is slow-simmered and dehydrated
  • Healthy oils
  • Honey as a sweetener
  • Sugar used sparingly

Meet the Founder & Poco Kitchen Chef - Mitchell Naparalla

Mitchell, Poco Kitchen’s founder, has an extensive background in the culinary industry and specializes in designing and operating dining programs that provide restaurant-level menus. His first- hand experience on college campuses has fueled his passion for creating quick food with uncompromising quality. Poco Kitchen was started by Mitch after the sort of week that only a steaming, homemade bowl of ramen can pick you back up after. Mitch spent the rest of Friday night making a near perfect ramen with what he had on hand as a chef because the packaged versions just wouldn’t cut it. But what if it could? What if he crafted a recipe that had each ingredient from a truly authentic ramen, the kind that takes days to make the broth and sauces, and preserved it the way our ancestors did in little kitchens around the world, with zero artificial preservatives and maximum nutrition? It sounded like a delicious endeavor.

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